Parts to suit Yamaha

LiteTek Silicone Hose Kits to suit Yamaha FZR250 3LN

  • The long hose (radiator outlet) is not just a copy of the OEM part. It has been custom made to have the best fit possible for the FZR250.
  • 3 ply polyester reinforced
  • Replaces OEM part numbers 3LN-12578-00, 3LN-12576-00, 3LN-12577-00, 3LN-12579-00

Silicone Hose Kit - 4 pieces
Part Number: SHK-002-Yamaha-3LN

Destination Country

1750 THB (Thai Baht)

Free shipping by air freight included in the price.

All other Destinations
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Hose Clamp Kit - 8 pieces
Part Number: HCK-Yamaha-3LN
Price: 400 THB (Thai Baht)

Silicon hose clamps
Description: Small Clamps
Material: Stainless Steel with zinc plated screw
Qty in Kit: 8


bad clamps
This type of clamp will damage the hose. See the video.
Quality Standard: DIN 3017
These are the clamps that we sell. The ORBIT GRIP band thread is precisely cold formed which results in a smooth underside surface to optimize hose protection and the band edges are raised to prevent damage to the hose. Do not overtighten clamps. Maximum torque value is 4.5Nm.
Quality Standard: DIN 3017
These are the Mikalor Asfa-L clamps referred to in the video. They have the same smooth interior finish as the Orbit W2.

To learn more watch this video from Viper Performance in the UK.

Coolant O-Ring Kit Yamaha FZR250 3LN - 6 pieces
Part Number: COK-002
Price: 240 THB (Thai Baht)

Description: Water Pump O-Ring
Part No: COR-002
Original Part No: 1HX-12439-00
Material: Silicone
Qty in Kit: 1
93210-27194 93210-27778
Description: Engine Inlet O-Rings
Part No: OR_086
Original Part No: 93210-27194 or 93210-27778
Material: Silicone
Qty in Kit: 2
93210-14104 93210-14579
Description: Engine Outlet O-Rings
Part No: OR_088
Original Part No: 93210-14104 or 93210-14579
Material: Silicone
Qty in Kit: 2
Description: Coolant Tube O-Rings
Part No: OR-085
Original Part No: 93210-18417
Material: Silicone
Qty in Kit: 2

Important: Moisten o-rings with silicone grease prior to fitting.

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