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Drive Sprocket to suit Yamaha FZR250R 3LN3 to 3LN7

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Drive Sprocket
Part Number: Sprocket-Drive-Yamaha-3LN3-17
Original Yamaha Part No: 1YL-17460-00

Price: 650 THB (Thai Baht)
No of Teeth: 17
Chain Size: 428
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This is the countershaft from the 3LN1 model (Yamaha part No 1HX-17421-01). As can be seen it is shorter than that of the 3LN3. All aftermarket sprockets that are sold for the FZR250 Yamaha to fit the original 428 size chain are to suit the 3LN1 only, and are too thin to be used for the the 3LN3 and later models.
This is the countershaft from the 3LN3 model (Yamaha part No 1HX-17421-02). As can be seen it is longer than that of the 3LN1. These images and the information needed to make these sprockets available are a direct result of the cooperation and valuable input of the members on the 2fiftycc.com forum.
A complete Yamaha parts book can be downloaded here.
An FZR250R 3LN3 factory brochure can be downloaded here.

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