PVC Tubing for sheathing motorcycle wiring harness

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motorcycle wiring harness plastic pvc black tubing sheath sheathing

This is Nissei (Japanese brand) PVC tubing that is used for sheathing wiring harnesses.
Rated for 105 ℃
Sold by the metre.

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Part No. ID OD Cost per metre
in Thai Baht
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PVC_021 0.98mm 2.1mm 27
PVC_030 1.88mm 3.0mm 37
PVC_042 3.0mm 4.2mm 48
PVC_059 4.7mm 5.9 66
PVC_083 7.1mm 8.3mm 88
PVC_111 9.98mm 11.1mm 116
PVC_143 12.92mm 14.3mm 148
PVC_191 17.56mm 19.1mm 215

Choosing Wire Sizes

A good wire selection guide can be found here Powerstream
and this one for voltage drop calculations Wirebarn note that this calculation is based on using the chassis as ground. You will need to double the length if running a separate ground wire to complete the circuit.
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Australian Auto Cable
Label Conductor Area Conductor Diameter Nearest AWG
3mm 1.13mm2 1.2mm 17
4mm 1.84mm2 1.53mm 15