Kawasaki Parts

LiteTek Carburettor Seal Kits
to suit Kawasaki ZXR750 (ZX7 USA) 1989 - 1995 &
                           ZX7R 1996 - 2003
Made from long lasting, ethanol resistant Viton®

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  • Please check the Kawasaki part numbers to ensure that this is the correct kit for your motorcycle before proceeding with your purchase.

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Service Kit - 28 pieces
Part Number: CK-Kawasaki-ZXR750
Price: 1020 THB (Thai Baht)

Description: Float Bowl O-Ring
Part No: FB-005
Original Part No: 92055-1426
Material: Viton 70A
Qty in Kit: 4
Description: Pilot Screw O-Ring
Part No: OR-005
Original Part No: 92055-1002
Material: Viton 70A
Qty in Kit: 4
Assembly Guide
Description: Float Valve Seat O-Ring
Part No: OR_032
Original Part No: 92055-1425
Material: Viton 70A
Qty in Kit: 4
Description: Outside Fuel O-Ring
Part No: OR-030
Original Part No: 92055-1004
Material: Viton 70A
Qty in Kit: 4
Description: Centre Fuel & Outside Breather O-Ring
Part No: OR-031
Original Part No: 92055-1223
Material: Viton 70A
Qty in Kit: 8
Description: Pilot Screw Washer
Part No: WS-001
Original Part No: 92022-1003
Material: Stainless Steel
Qty in Kit: 4
Assembly Guide

Airbox Seals AS-005 - 4 pieces
Part Number: AS-005
Price: 550 THB (Thai Baht)

Description: Airbox Seal
Part No: AS-005
Original Part No: 92055-1434
Material: Viton 70A
Qty in Kit: 4
A Kawasaki service manual can be downloaded here.

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